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About Us

The Dolphin Story

Dolphin Surf Craft was established in 1992 by John Holmes. John was later joined by his brother in law Norm Lewis and the pair operated the business from a small factory in Burleigh Heads. Their idea was to operate it as a lifestyle business so they could both go surfing when it was good! What started as a hobby for John and Norm after their retirement has now blossomed into a successful company producing equipment and exporting throughout the world. Sadly John passed away in 2003 during a downwind paddle to his home at Kawana Waters. His legacy lives on within the company he founded.

Dolphin Surf Craft is still operating from the same premises of its' humble beginnings, however it has expanded immensely. Now occupying the entire block of factories at the Burleigh Heads address. The current partnership consists of former ironman champion Zane Holmes (Johns' son), ironwoman champion Kristyl Smith and Simon Hunnybun who has 20 years experience in the surf craft industry. The production team at Dolphin Surf Craft also consists of 11 specialised tradesmen, thus ensuring the finest quality finished product that Dolphin is renowned for.

Dolphin is one of the largest manufacturers in Australia producing custom handmade craft for the elite of Surf Life Saving competitors and having a well earned reputation of quality and service within the Surf Lifesaving movement in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, UK & the USA.

With the experience we have from our management right through to our production team, we are in a position to offer the best quality product and service available on the market.

Here at Dolphin we’re looking forward to an exciting future!

How it's all done...

All of our boards are designed by Zane Holmes. Zane has developed his knowledge of surf craft from what his father John passed onto him throughout the years and combined it with his 28 years of experience in the ocean environment. Zane has honed his skills since his nipper days on a variety of craft. As a keen surfer all his life and also 15 years at the top as a professional ironman, the experience Zane can pass on through his designs is second to none and he is passionate about producing the best designed boards on the market for all conditions.

To ensure they are always moving with technology Dolphin Surf Craft purchased a state of the art shaping machine in 2009. Every board shaped by the machine has been designed by Zane using the latest 3D design program. Zane has developed over 30 customized shapes to suit paddlers from 20kg up to over 100kg. We don't just offer you a selection of 4 or 5 shapes and we don't believe in copying what others are doing. Our designs are original and produced under one roof where we can have confidence in our product. Zane will select a shape to suit every individual and if he has nothing suitable he will design one specially for you. The benefit of producing our boards with this technology is the accuracy and symmetry in which each board is produced. We can fine tune your shape to within the millimetre and reproduce this time and again. Imagine finding that perfect board that you know can be reproduced for you every time!

If you have a request for a particular design feature or idea, Zane is always happy to speak to you about it and you can come up with a customized design just for you.

"I love designing new boards and trying new ideas. It is the essence of the surfing culture, always striving for that magic formula of performance and rideability in a board. I'd love to help you find it too."


We are very proud of our fleet of racing skis.

Since the first X1 single ski designed and produced by John Holmes in 1992 every new model has been developed with our own ideas and originality. There have been 9 models in the progression of the design of our single ski since its' inception. Over that time we have also introduced four models of the double ski and also 17' adjustable D-Rider single ski. The current selection of skis in our stable are thoroughbreds. Our current double ski and brand new Drive single ski were both computer designed with the assistance from a racing yacht designer and the expertise of our extensive stable of athletes and staff.