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1Can I change the colour of an artwork on your gallery?No Category
2Can I create my own board artwork?No Category
3Can I pay off my new order in installments?No Category
4Can I respray my old board or ski?No Category
5Do all new orders require the hig vis tips?No Category
6Do I have to be measured in a jig or is my height enough?No Category
7Do you repair boards and skis?No Category
8Do you sell second hand boards/skis?No Category
9Do your agents carry merchandise?No Category
10How do I order my new board?No Category
11How much room for growth should I allow when ordering new a new board?No Category
12I have a board that is 2 years old, do I have to have high vis tips?No Category
13Is artwork extra?No Category
14What are the lengths of your racing boards and skis?No Category
15What deposit do I need?No Category