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Soft Rescue Board


Soft Rescue Board

Is YOUR Surf Club Or Lifeguard Service Ready To Join The Revolution In Rescue Board Technology?

Do NOT buy any other rescue board until you have seen the benefits of the NEW Dolphin SOFT Rescue Board.

5 Reasons why your club should be investing in Dolphin SOFT Rescue Boards:

1. Less injuries to members: New Bronze Medallion and Surf Rescue Certificate candidates are notorious for hurting themselves and each other as they struggle to control full size fibreglass rescues. Girls and younger members especially, are often sent home from Bronze training bruised and battered from the boards. With the new SOFT Rescue Board these injures are far less common due to the soft foam covering.

2. Less expense for ding repairs: With a soft foam covering, the soft rescue is far less likely to be damaged when, not if, new board paddlers crash into each other. What this means for your club is less expense related to ding repair and more time that the board stays in the water for new board paddlers to learn.

3. Easier transition for Nippers to Lifesavers: One of the biggest problems with the conventional rescue boards is the ability of smaller and younger members to control such a large, often heavy, board. Nipper's making the transition into the senior ranks find the SOFT Rescue Board far more managable, and if they do make a mistake, far less likely to injure themselves or other people.

4. Less expensive than conventional rescue boards: Simple, the SOFT Rescue Boards are cheaper to purchase than conventional rescue boards.

5. More confident lifesavers: Overall, the SOFT Rescue Board helps produce more confident lifesavers. Learners are able to spend more time in the water without the fear of injury to themselves or others. The SOFT Rescue Board is more manageable in the sea and yet performs very similar to a conventional rescue board.

Don't be fooled into thinking that these boards are only for training kids. Dolphin Soft Rescue Boards are fully certified by SLSA and are just as capable as conventional boards at completing a rescue.


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  This picture shows a Dolphin SOFT Rescue Board carrying in excess of 170kgs without any problem at all.   Female members and younger members love the SOFT
Rescue Board as it is more
manageable than the
conventional rescue boards.