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Board Care Tips

Please ensure you store your board away from heat and out of direct sunlight. Excessive heat may cause delamination to the fiberglass and kneepads. Never lay your board out in the sun with the deck facing up. The heat may cause the kneepads to shrink and lift off the board. If your board features dark colours they will heat up very quickly in the sun.

Never store you board inside it’s cover in or out of the sun. Heat builds up inside the cover very easily. Your cover should only be used for protection during transit.  

All new boards are now fitted with a Gore Breather Valve. It is designed to only let in air, not water. It does not need to be removed. 

If your board has been damaged ensure you remove it from the water immediately and repair correctly before next use. It water is absorbed into the board it is extremely difficult to dry out.

When tying your board onto roof racks ensure the racks have sufficient paddling and only use flat tie down straps with a plastic buckle. Never use ratchet straps or elastic straps.

Always was your board with fresh water after every use.


Ski Care Tips

Skis with rubber bung - Always neutralize the air inside the ski before use. To do this place the ski into the water with the rubber bung in place. Roll the ski upside down abd back a few times to cool the ski off. Remove the rubber bung for a few seconds so the air inside the ski will neutralize and then replace the rubber bung. 

You can inflate the ski by blowing no more than 2-3 breaths into the ski and then fit the rubber bung. Never over-inflate the ski as this may cause damage to the seams.

All new skis are now fitted with a Gore Breather Valve which replaces the rubber bung. It is designed to only let in air, not water, therefore neutralizing itself. It does not need to be removed unless your ski has been damaged and you need to drain the water.

Every 3-6months apply an oil based lubricant to the rudder compartment, footpedal hinge and cables. This will protext from corrosion and also assist with lubricating the moving parts. Also ensure the rudder bolt is fastened so that there is no movement between the rudder tube and the turn plate.

If you ski is damaged ensure you have it repaired correctly before use. If water enters the internal part of the ski it is very difficults to empty and dry out completely.

Always wash your ski with fresh water after use.

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