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Drive Adjustable Racing Ski

Drive Adjustable Racing Ski

Our first ever full length adjustable racing ski with the performance and design of the Drive.

It features a robust sliding adjustable footwell system for effortless on beach modification.

No tools required.

150mm adjustment range

This ski offers the flexibility for surf clubs to be able to provide a performance racing ski to suit their members wide ranges of sizes.

Waterproof breather valve – no bung required

Standard Length 

20mm Short up to 130mm Long - suitable for most surf clubs and beginners

Long Length

0mm Long up to 150mm Long - suitable for clubs with taller members

Custom order
See stock
Ski model template
Select Ski Size
Custom order ? Select this option for custom craft dimensions. Please note, the shaper will try to get the volume as close as possible to requested size while maintaining the integrity of the board.
Recommended sizes ? These are the recommended sizes developed, designed and hand crafted by the shaper. If variations are needed – please use these as a base for custom craft dimensions.
In stock ? These are crafts that are currently available in stock sizes. Please note, ensure you check each model for customisations before purchasing.
Craft size: -Not selected-
Construction: None
Jig Length: None
Starting Block None
Venturis None
Running Strap: None
Deck Colour: None
Hull Colour: None
Join Colour: None
Artwork: None
Extras: None

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